Dribble in The Dribble Drabble Review

Published today, the inaugural issue of The Dribble Drabble Review features stories from 35 writers. The stories fall into one of two categories: dribbles (50 words) and drabbles (100 words). “First Date,” my contribution to the issue, is a dribble. The Dribble Drabble Review is edited by Keith Hoerner.

New Micro in Funny Pearls

I’m pleased to have my tiny story, “Hung Up,” in Funny Pearls. The London-based journal, which publishes humorous writing by women, is edited by Mette Jolley and Philippa Hall. Funny Pearls launched in August 2018.


Happy Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s my micro, “Three Little Words,” which first appeared in Pixel Heart Literary Magazine, Volume 1: Love, on October 20, 2018:

Three Little Words
He shows up every morning–eyelids droopy, baseball cap adorably askew–and utters those three little words I long to hear: large dark roast.

I wish I could leap over the counter and throw my arms around him, but I must maintain professionalism. Gaze glued to my register, I process his order. This is our daily interaction, the highlight of my workday.

Digging deep in the pocket of his cargo shorts, he retrieves his money. He always has exact change. As he hands over the coins, his warm fingers brush against mine, and I whisper, “Thank you.”





2019 in Review

I’m grateful to have published 15 stories this year. The longest was 975 words (“Sisters,” Bull & Cross); the shortest, 50 words (“Spotlight,” NEWMAG). Between those two extremes were four 100-word stories, six stories between 150 and 250 words, one 475-word story, and two 900-word pieces of flash fiction.

  • “Spotlight,” NEWMAG, 50 words, January
  • “Thirst,” Ellipsis Zine, 900 words, February
  • “Teen Dream,” Splonk, 100 words, May
  • “Driving Home,” Freshwater Literary Journal (print), 150 words, May
  • “Onward,” Mojave Heart Review, 100 words, June
  • “Makeover,” Elephants Never, 100 words, June
  • “Beginnings & Endings,” Uppagus, 250 words, June
  • “Best Intentions,” 24 Unread Messages (print), 200 words, June
  • “Playing with Fire,” The Fiction Pool, 200 words, August
  • “Sisters,” Bull & Cross, 975 words, September
  • “When I Wore Fluorescents,” Little Rose Magazine, 100 words, November
  • “Nice Guys,” Flash Fiction Magazine, 900 words, November
  • “Choices,” (mac)ro(mic), 475 words, December
  • “Rom-Com Drama,” the Under Review, 180 words, December
  • “Opening Instructions,” the Under Review, 200 words, December

Two Stories in the Under Review

The first issue of the Under Review, out this weekend, features two of my stories. “Opening Instructions” is a 200-word story in list form, and “Rom-Com Drama” is, well, part romantic-comedy, part drama. The Under Review, led by Executive Editor Terry Horstman and Managing Editor Meghan Maloney-Vinz, publishes writing that has “a sport slant, nod, backdrop, or undercurrent.”

Rom-Com Drama

Opening Instructions