Transitional Man

I’m thrilled to have my 100-word story, “Transitional Man,” included in the latest issue of The Meadowlark Review. The journal of the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Wyoming, The Meadowlark Review seeks hybrid pieces and “works that break the mold and push the boundaries of today’s literature.”



Two Tiny Tales

Two of my 50-word stories, “Forgetful” and “You Are Here,” are featured today in The Big Windows Review. Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., The Big Windows Review publishes poetry and short prose, especially “work that is beautiful and/or strange.” Editor: Thomas Zimmerman.


Happy Opening Day 2023!

In honor of Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, here’s my Twitter-sized story, “No-Hitter,” first published by Seven by Twenty on March 3, 2016:


The pitcher threw one final strike, completing the no-hitter. His wife watched at home on TV, the baby in her arms louder than the crowd.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s “Only You,” my 50-word micro first published in the fifth issue of Briefly Write on June 25, 2021:

Only You

Only you could say a thing like that at a time like this. I fix my gaze on the frayed brim of your baseball cap, avoiding your expectant eyes as I ruminate on my response. But truth demands expression, so I blurt it out: “I love you too.”

2022 in Review

I’m grateful to have had 14 stories published this year:

  • “After the Argument” (Flash Fiction Magazine, January)
  • “Outta Here” (Molecule, March)
  • “Laundry Night” (Pigeon Review, April)
  • “We Got the Beat” (The Drabble, May)
  • “United” (101 Words, May)
  • “Comparison Shopping” (Books Ireland, June)
  • “The One,” “Backstop,” and “Enveloped” (Livina Press, June)
  • “Introductions” (Gastropoda, August)
  • “Dated” (Friday Flash Fiction, August)
  • “Daylight” (Yuzu Press, October)
  • “A Sox Story” (R U Joking? November)
  • “Curiosity” (Roi Faineant Press, November).

“A Sox Story,” 550 words, was my longest published story this year; “Enveloped,” 25 words, my shortest. Countries in which my stories have appeared this year include England, Ireland, Singapore, and the United States.