New Drabble

My story, “Yellow Highlighter,” appears today in The Drabble. The word “drabble” refers to a 100-word piece of prose. I’ve written more stories of this length than any other.




National Flash-Fiction Day

I was honored to have my 100-word story, “Yesterday,” selected to appear on National Flash-Fiction Day, June 24, 2017. FlashFlood the National Flash-Fiction Day Journal posted stories of 500 words or fewer throughout the day, and I was thrilled to have my story included.

Three Stories in Boston Literary Magazine

The Winter 2017 issue of Boston Literary Magazine contains not one, not two, but three of my stories. “Underdeveloped,” “Bargains,” and “A Day at the Ballpark” are all 50-word stories, also known as “Dribble.” (“Drabble” refers to 100-word stories.) My first published 50-word story, “Perspective,” appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of Boston Literary Magazine.

Congratulations, Cubs!

In honor of the Cubs, here’s one of my microfiction pieces, first published in Pudding Magazine (Issue #61) in 2013:

I met him at the Laundromat. He asked if I thought it’d be okay to put his jeans in with his towels. We talked about the weather, the economy, the Cubs. I told him my ex-boyfriend was a White Sox fan. He said his ex-girlfriend thought watching baseball was like watching paint dry. We agreed that this could be the year the Cubs finally win the World Series. When we’d finished our laundry, he asked if he could buy me a cup of coffee and I said yes. If there’s hope for the Cubs, there’s hope for us all.