Three New Pieces

I have three tiny pieces featured today in Peeking Cat Literary: “Omissions,” “To the Girl I Used to Be,” and “Things C.J. and I Argued about Last Saturday between Lunch and Dinner.” Peeking Cat Literary is a weekly British publication, edited by Sam Rose, featuring “short work including poetry, flash fiction, and anything that inhabits the hybrid space in between.”


Customer Service

Earlier this week, Sledgehammer published another one of my 100-word stories. “Customer Service,” a tale close to my heart, centers on a diner waitress and her favorite customer. Edited by J. Archer Avary, Sledgehammer features work that highlights “the beauty within the ugliness.”


Two Stories in One Day!

“Only You,” included in the latest issue of Briefly Write, is my second publication of the day. At 50 words, “Only You,” is half the size of “Theft,” published earlier today by Sledgehammer. Briefly Write, a British quarterly, seeks “profound ideas, stories with a twist and writing that moves us.” The current issue is its fifth.


Happy Opening Day 2021!

In honor of Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, here’s my tiny tale, “Season Tickets,” originally published by Seven by Twenty on March 4, 2016.

Season Tickets
Between innings they argued over the pitching change, the play at the plate, and how to divide the season tickets in the divorce settlement.