“Mementos” in Thimble Lit Mag

I’m thrilled to have my prose poem “Mementos” included in the Winter 2020 issue of Thimble Literary Magazine. The quarterly publication, based in Philadelphia, believes that poetry is a form of armor: “Like a thimble, it may seem thin and insignificant, but will protect us when we are most vulnerable.”


New Piece in Doghouse Press

“Kitchen,” my 100-word snapshot of a couple married 50 years, is included in the third issue of Doghouse Press. Founded and edited by SJ Kennedy Scott, the quarterly publication focuses on “the tender”: pockets of love in places you don’t expect. “Kitchen” is the final piece in the issue (page 37).


New Story: “Band Aid”

101 Words has published “Band Aid,” my story about a guitarist and the two most important relationships in his life. Stories appearing in 101 Words contain that exact number of words (not including the title). 101 Words is the sister publication of Flash Fiction Magazine, where my 900-word story “Nice Guys” appeared in November 2019.



Happy Opening Night 2020!

In honor of Major League Baseball’s Opening Night, here’s my story, “Home,” which first appeared in 50-Word Stories on November 18, 2016:

Archie entered the dark house, turned on the ballgame, and stretched out on the comfy couch for his nightly entertainment. After a long, grueling day at work, he relished this relaxing ritual. Who would dare bother him here? When the ballgame ended, he switched off the TV and went home.


Micro in MoonPark Review

The Summer 2020 issue of MoonPark Review is out today, and I’m thrilled to have my 50-word story, “Nobody’s Girl,” included. “Nobody’s Girl” is a humorous response to a popular 1980s song. MoonPark Review, a quarterly journal of “compelling, imaginative short prose,” is edited by Mary Lynn Reed and Lesley C. Weston.


Story Featured in Podcast

“Playing with Fire” was recently featured on the English in Practice podcast, which is aimed at intermediate-to-advanced learners of English. Originally published by The Fiction Pool on August 13, 2019, “Playing with Fire” is the first short story to be included in the English in Practice podcast. The story was selected by host Laurence Crumbie, and the podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major platforms. Alternatively, you can listen to it here.