“Quesadillas” on Dog-Ear

I’m pleased to have a tiny story of mine, “Quesadillas,” appearing on Dog-Ear. Dog-Ear “believes in the benefits of playful creativity” and publishes stories as bookmarks. Every few months, the top nine stories are collected into an issue.


Year in Review

How fortunate I feel to have had my work published in a dozen journals in 2017. Two of the sixteen stories published were flash fiction; the rest were microfiction (twelve of which were 100 words or fewer). A big thank-you to all the journals that published my work this year: Blink-Ink, Boston Literary Magazine, Brilliant Flash Fiction, The Drabble, Fictive Dream, FlashFlood: The National Flash-Fiction Day Journal, Microfiction Monday Magazine, Nailpolish Stories, Paragraph Planet, Riggwelter, Train, and Whale Road Review. 

“Reservations” in Brilliant Flash Fiction

Brilliant Flash Fiction has published my story, “Reservations,” in its 15th issue, September 2017. The goal of Brilliant Flash Fiction, based in Ireland, is “to present the best and most unusual international fiction for readers.” Stories in this quarterly publication contain fewer than 1,000 words as well as a “‘flash’ of revelation or surprise.”

National Flash-Fiction Day

I was honored to have my 100-word story, “Yesterday,” selected to appear on National Flash-Fiction Day, June 24, 2017. FlashFlood the National Flash-Fiction Day Journal posted stories of 500 words or fewer throughout the day, and I was thrilled to have my story included.