New Micro in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine

I’m beyond thrilled to have my 350-word story, “True Love,” in the latest issue (Volume 10, No. 2) of Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. The biannual British magazine, edited by Peter Blair and Ashley Chantler, has been publishing fiction of up to 360 words since 2008. Flash is the journal of the International Flash Fiction Association and “aims to include stories told from all angles and by writers hailing from all points of the compass.” Previous contributors include Margaret Atwood, Lydia Davis, Grant Faulkner, Tania Hershman, Calum Kerr, Meg Pokrass, Claire Polders, and Santino Prinzi.


Fiction on the Web

“Flowers & Diamonds,” my 1,900-word story about friendship and trust, appears today on Fiction on the Web. The British publication, edited by Charlie Fish, has been presenting stories online since 1996, and I’m honored to have my story included.


Forgive & Forget

Featured today on Who Writes Short Shorts? is my 475-word story, “Wade’s Apology,” a woman’s account of her boyfriend’s attempt to placate her with excuses. Who Writes Short Shorts? is an online magazine that publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry of up to 1,000 words, and its theme this month is forgive and forget.


Quirky Love Story

“Valentines,” my 100-word piece about two people with different ideas regarding the best way to demonstrate affection, has been published by Blood Sugar Poetry. The online journal publishes “prose, poetry and other enigmas rooted in the anomalous and unorthodox,” and I’m happy to have my work included.

New Story in L’Ephemere Review

I’m thrilled to have my 100-word story, “Rain,” included in the March/April 2018 issue of L’Ephemere Review. The current theme of the bimonthly literary and art journal is “dalliance.” L’Ephemere Review publishes the “raw, the refined, the coarse, and the delicate” as well as the “pain, the joy, the heartache, and the euphoria.”


Opening Day 2018

In honor of Major League Baseball Opening Day, here’s one of my super-short stories, first published in the Winter 2017 issue of Boston Literary Magazine:

A Day at the Ballpark

Chip went to the game with dreams of catching a foul ball, high-fiving the mascot, and chowing down on hot dogs. He almost gloved a ball, but some bigger kid jumped in front of him. The mascot, unfortunately, never made it over to Chip’s section. But mm, those hot dogs!

Flash Fiction February

Fictive Dream has declared this month Flash Fiction February. To celebrate, the publication is presenting a new piece of flash (between 250 and 750 words) every day this month. Featured today is my 300-word story, “Scars.” It was a pleasure to work with editor Laura Black again. A longer story of mine, “My Ex-Boyfriend’s Girlfriend,” was published by Fictive Dream in August 2017.


New Story in The Cabinet of Heed

Out today is Issue 3 of The Cabinet of Heed, which includes my 300-word story, “Who Needs an Invitation.” According to its website, “The Cabinet of Heed is a multi-drawered piece of furniture that grows hungry at various times of the year. The only way to sate The Cabinet’s hunger is to feed it great writing.” Simon Webster is “The Cabinet’s Chief Polisher.”