50th Story Published

I’m not sure which thrills me more: getting my 50th story published or getting published in Ellipsis Zine. “Thirst,” my 900-word story about two ex-lovers running into each other after one has married, appears today in Ellipsis Zine, a British publication edited by the talented Steve Campbell.



2018 in Review

I feel so fortunate to have published 14 stories this year. The longest was 1,900 words (“Flowers & Diamonds,” Fiction on the Web); the shortest, a mere 18 (“Midnight,” Chantarelle’s Notebook). Between those extremes: one 50-word story, four 100-word stories, four stories of 300 or 350 words, one 475-word story, one 650-word story, and a 1,000-word piece of flash fiction. The highlight of the year was Fictive Dream nominating my story “Scars” (published during Flash Fiction February) for the anthology Best Microfiction, 2018. All in all, a wonderful year.

New Year’s Eve Story

“Just Another Night,” my flash story about a woman harboring ill will toward the last day of December and all the unrealistic expectations associated with it,¬† has been published this week as part of the Fairlight Books 2018 Winter Stories series. Based in Oxford, England, Fairlight Books seeks to “find new ways to re-connect readers with good writing and beautiful books.” Special thanks to editor Urska Vidoni.


Author Profile

Nomination for Best Microfiction, 2018

I’m honored to announce that my story “Scars” has been nominated for inclusion in Best Microfiction, 2018. The anthology, which will be edited by Meg Pokrass and Gary Fincke, will feature stories of 400 words or fewer. Literary journal editors can nominate up to eight stories published during the year. Novelist and short story writer Dan Chaon will serve as final judge. Best Microfiction, 2018 is scheduled for publication in spring 2019 by Pelekinesis Press. “Scars” appeared in Fictive Dream during Flash Fiction February. Thanks, Laura Black, editor of Fictive¬† Dream, for the nomination.

New Micro in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine

I’m beyond thrilled to have my 350-word story, “True Love,” in the latest issue (Volume 10, No. 2) of Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. The biannual British magazine, edited by Peter Blair and Ashley Chantler, has been publishing fiction of up to 360 words since 2008. Flash is the journal of the International Flash Fiction Association and “aims to include stories told from all angles and by writers hailing from all points of the compass.” Previous contributors include Margaret Atwood, Lydia Davis, Grant Faulkner, Tania Hershman, Calum Kerr, Meg Pokrass, Claire Polders, and Santino Prinzi.